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  4. X-TU Hunter is committed to provide HR service for the world top 500 and the domestic excellent enterprise. Taking customers demand and new market of human resources structure as center, the company provides customers with the competitive human resources service solutions professionally and accurately. Service projects include senior personnel searched for, RPO, background investigation,supplementary benefits, etc. 

    The company has set up its business call center in Shenzhen and branch offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and other regions. Recruitment service has covered the domestic first-line and second - and third-tier cities, and extended to Southeast Asia and other regions. Company owns a number of senior professional human resources consultants and senior industry experts, with energy and mineral resources in the industry, manufacturing, environmental protection, IT electronic communications, medicine, medical equipment, consumer goods, financial, estate and other fields. So far, the company has been for more than 150 enterprises to provide various types of talents, more than 300 vacancies to search for jobs, for nearly thousands of professionals to found show ego platform. 

    X-TU Hunter will continue picking out talents and supplying fresh blood for the enterprise with professional spirit and developing vigorously with the enterprise. 

    總部地址:深圳市寶安區三區中糧地產集團中心21  北京市海淀區太平路23號院  
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